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When you're bored with my site and ready to move on, here are a variety of links to explore. I've included a little of this and a little of that; some are serious, some are not.

Just For Fun

Since I advocate laughter and relaxation so strongly, the fun stuff is up first. There will always be more than enough time to go back to the serious things later.

Astronomy Picture Of The Day: Brought to you by the good folks at NASA. There are some spectacular pictures here, a new one is posted every day. This site is both fun and educational, but you don't have to learn anything if you don't want to. Promise.

Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley: I won't tell you how many 'Get Fuzzy' strips I have on my refrigerator. It's amusing. Go read it.

Frazz by Jef Mallett: This kind of reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes. I just discovered this one a couple of weeks ago and am enjoying it so far. Check it out.

The Book Of Ratings: This guy is a hoot. Occasionally his turn of phrase gets me giggling out loud. Be sure to go through the archives.

Something Positive: It's anything but. Very funny. WARNING: Profanity. Don't go here if foul language and references to various types of sexuality will offend you. If you can handle it, start reading at the beginning and work your way to the present. You won't be sorry.

The Seanbaby Probe: Seanbaby rocks. He says things most of us would like to say but don't quite dare to in public. Check out The Probe articles. Check out the Hostess Fruit Pies Ad Reviews (I laughed myself sick over these - this one is my absolute favorite). He also does video reviews for The Wave which are also extremely amusing. WARNING: Foul language. If you can't read that sort of thing without getting offended, don't go to either site.

Skippy's List: "The 213 Things Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The U.S. Army." Is this guy allowed to walk around loose? If he is, I'd probably enjoy meeting him someday. I'm not sure how you can attempt some of these things without being court-martialed. Very funny, go and read.

Godawful Fan Fiction: What's extremely sad is that most of the budding authors profiled here are convinced their work is GOOD. It's not. Some of it is so very bad it should be illegal. Or punishable by lightning bolts. Or something. Chances are it will also make you feel much better about yourself by seeing proof there are always more pathetic people in the world than you. Unfortunately, it seems like they surpass their bandwidth limit most days, so keep trying the next day if you can't get through. WARNING: Possible foul language and / or explicit (yet pathetic) sexual descriptions

Magick / The Occult

Curious onlooker? Practitioner? Check these out.

Northvegr: Premier site for Heathenism and the Northern Way.

RealMagick: This is a fantastic compendium of articles on various topics of magick and the occult. Lots of information.

The Witches' Voice: A comprehensive pagan community: news, commentary, forums, worldwide community listings, and more. Lots to see.

Esoteric Archives: Just what the name implies. Lots and lots of information for the patient researcher.

Sacred Text Archive: Lots more information for the researcher.

News And Commentary

I prefer my news off the Internet instead of television; this way the news you receive can be more in-depth, not just a few sound bites designed to titillate without providing much information. Some of these are mainstream news sites, others are alternative news sites. A few are partly or mostly opinion.

Daily Inter Lake: This is the daily paper for my area. Just in case anyone is interested.

CNN News


British Broadcasting Corporation: The BBC is always worth checking out. They tend to have more comprehensive coverage of world events than the U.S. news outlets, frankly.

Jeff Rense: News and commentary. There are stories here gleaned from newspapers and TV stations around the world. Some stories are rather X-Files-ish, others are on the wire; many stories I read here will be reported on CNN two or three days later. This site posts commentary on all sides of an issue, so there will be something to offend everyone, I'm sure. Updated often.

BuzzFlash Report: News and commentary. They have a slant that some may find offensive, but they sometimes have news stories that CNN will report on a few days later.

Baghdad Burning: Personal blog of a young lady in Baghdad. Articulate and well-educated, she presents a fascinating perspective on current events in Iraq.

BartCop's Political Humor: A few links to news stories, but this is mostly opinion and quite vociferous at that. His turn of phrase cracks me up, though. Go Bartcop, go! WARNING: If you're easily offended by foul language or differing political opinions, don't go.

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